Filippo Bressan and Stefano Costalunga opened East Side Gym Vicenza in 2013. Co-owners Bressan and Costalunga are both athletes and trainers with over twenty years of experience in the fitness sector.

East Side Gym, one of the first “box’ ” in Veneto, it offers a completely different way to approach fitness because there are no weight machines: no strength machines, no cardio equipment nor relaxation area. There were only functional workouts, organized into classes.

The aspect that has always distinguished us and has become our mission, is to create a family environment where everyone has their own value and their role. Where a person can feel free to be himself/herself. A place (a gym) where people could show personality without restrictions.
A fun and carefree environment while at the same time, requiring commitment and discipline.

Everyone is given a nickname (or nom de guerre, as you prefer). We strongly believe this is useful to feel free to be yourself and to live the life inside the box with more serenity.

Started in 2013 as a gym exclusively for Tacfit, CrossFit and Powerlifting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling were added in 2016.

At East Side Gym, the competitive aspect has a fundamental importance; in fact, every year many of our athletes compete in national and international competitions, always with excellent results.

Entering East Side Gym means joining a big family as well as a fitness school, putting aside your beliefs and discovering a small world made of sweat, effort, but also lots of laughs.



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