The practice of the disciplines offered by the A.S.D. East Side Gym Vicenza is allowed after having read and signed acceptance of these Rules of Conduct and Regulations.
Minors require an authorization signed by both parents.

1. Reservation of each class is mandatory by booking through the App.

If one needs to cancel a class, cancel at least one hour before the lesson. This allows the gym to properly organize staff and equipment to offer optimal service. If you do not reserve a class on the App you cannot participate. If you reserve a class but you do not show up you will still be charged.

2. Respect the timetable.

It is necessary to show up at the box at least 5 minutes before the lesson starts. The box is not a “globe gym” where there are no timetables. Classes follow each other. Delaying the start of a lesson affects all the others. In case an unavoidable delay, one cannot participate in the class. It is polite to wait for the start of your lesson outside the training area.

3. Introduce yourself to newcomers.

It will be up to the instructor to introduce a newcomer to the class, but it is good manners making newcomers feel welcome. This is not an anonymous structure sport: we are here together because we share a passion for life, hard work, physical health and self-confidence. These are the people who attend East Side Gym. It is not difficult to say a simple “Hello!”, but it does not involve the execution of burpees.

4. Clothing.
During training, it is normal to sweat heavily, so you need to be clean. It is also necessary to show up with suitable clothing: comfortable clothing that allows you to train safely (it is advisable to always carry long socks with you), minimized within reasonable limits. It is forbidden to access the training and warm-up area with shoes used outside the box.

5. Listen to the instructors.
It is disrespectful to talk about your own business or get distracted while the instructor is talking to the class. Everyone must be given the opportunity to listen to the explanation of the exercises. We have experienced trainers, and it is therefore mandatory to follow their instructions, not to use equipment in a different way than indicated. Do not overload within the limits set, and not improvise instructors with newbies, in order to train with maximum safety.

6. Don’t leave your brain out the door.
You are always responsible for your health and safety. It is important to maintain awareness of the surrounding environment. Don’t stay close to someone who is training, especially if they are doing a lift, or using equipment. Is critical to maintain concentration for the entire duration of the workout. When you finish training, do not collapse into a dangerous area: stay clear, recover your breathing and cheer on your teammates from the sidelines. If anyone is preparing for a heavy lift, do not walk behind them or stand too close to them. If something goes wrong, the last thing the coach wants to see is the bar hit someone who was too close. Do not bring your personal baggage with you: family, relationships or work problems are a distraction for training. East Side Gym is the place where you go to get away from it all. Stay focused on how you do the your training, not how others do it or how you might appear to them.
If you hold back out of fear of looking weak or foolish, you lose the chance to improve: progress is only achieved when you are out of your comfort zone. If, on the other hand, you are already good and strong there is no need to say it and show off: the way in which you move, the timing of your workouts, and the weights used will speak for themselves. Do not stop and talk in the middle of a workout: it is disrespectful to disturb those who want to train seriously.

7. Do not drop the barbells over your head. 
This is crucial for safety and concentration. There are people who will drop any piece of equipment. Let’s get one thing straight, a Kettlebell, a Dumbbell, a barbell empty or loaded with only 5 discs is never dropped. More generally the only thing allowed to be dropped are heavy barbells, and we repeat, never from above the head. It’s a question of safety as well as care of the equipment. If that’s not enough heavy even a barbell left overhead could bounce badly e end up on you or worse on a friend of yours, causing serious damage.

8. Don’t steal workstations from your collegues.

When you’re getting ready for a long wod, with numerous different exercises, one fixes their work area and equipment as conveniently as possible. This smoothes the transition between one exercise and another. It is very annoying when someone “steals” the work station from onother person. This is not acceptable and must never happen!

9. Do not depend on equipment aids.
Avoid using chalk, tape, gloves, grip, compresses, belts, bandage, …
The point of coming to the gym is to strengthen your body, specifically your grip, body core, and joint stability. Equipment aids can impede or limit your goals. Use chalk only when necessary. Apply on your hands or keep in the bucket. Don’t get chalk everywhere. Chalk buckets are strategically placed for easy access. Do not move the buckets from their location.

10. Don’t cheat.
There is nothing more shameful among athletes than a cheater. If you fail or you do not want to do the entire workout (weights, repetitions, movement, time) just say it: there is no shame in a scaled down workout.

11. Have fun and encourage others.
Clap, yell and cheer on others when they are struggling, pushing them past their limit. This is part of the spirit of this gym. Even if you finish first, do not leave but remain to encourage others. Even though it is an easy going atmosphere, being polite and courteous are required. Avoid yelling too loud, being coarse or rude.

12. Leave things clean and tidy.
Don’t be snails, don’t leave any traces. In addition simply maintaing a hygienic atmosphere, do not use equipment used by others. Take a paper towel and a little disinfectant and wipe down used equipment. Space and time are very important for the conduct of the lessons: nobody wants to waste time cleaning or tiding up a mess left by someone else. Store all the equipment where you found it and pick up anything else lying around. It is not difficult. When you are arranging your equipment, unload barbells carefully! This means you have to lift the barbell slightly to the side to remove the weights, being careful not to hit the bar on the floor. If you drop an empty barbell even a few centimeters, it can break: whoever breaks it pays for it.
If the bathroom gets dirty (it can happen), clean it immediately. If necessary, open the window and close the door, to avoid spreading the smell. Put waste, bottles and any other type of waste in the appropriate baskets. Do not leave personal belongings either in the training area or in the changing rooms: if not claimed for more than a reasonable time they will be thrown away.

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