Here we go! We can finally go back to training safely, observing the guidelines published by the Italian Government. download here .

At East Side Gym, we are waiting for you with special classes, all during the day, every day:

  • Crossfit
  • Crossfit kids
  • Tacfit
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Calisthenics
  • Powerlifting

To book lessons, download the application “App Gym” from the stores below. Subscribe to East Side Gym Vicenza – Crossfit 36100 and click on Schedule to discover the calendar of classes.

Or book directly on the following calendar.


  1. Access to the facility will be denied to all members without a mask, disposable gloves, spare clean shoes and towel.
  2. At the gym entrance you will find disposable shoe covers and nylon bags. Put on the shoe covers, take a bag and continue.
  3. Once in the locker room, remove your shoes (covered by the shoe covers) and put them in the bag together with all other clothing and personal items. The hanging rack cannot be used. Put the bag in the cubbie. Change into clean shoes.
  4. Numbers on the benches distinguish the stations in compliance with safety distances. Make sure to occupy only your space.
  5. It is mandatory to book your class using the App. Those who are not booked will not be able to attend class.
  6. Hand hygiene is mandatory when entering and leaving the facility.
  7. It is mandatory to use a mask in common places (reception, relaxation area, changing room, etc.) and when moving around the corridors.
  8. Do not use the mask during training.
  9. The safety distance is 1 meter between individuals when they are not doing physical activity and 2 meters during physical activity. On the main and tatami mat, there will be a sign that will identify your work area.
  10. After using a piece of equipment (including dumbbells, barbells, discs, mats, tatami etc.) it is mandatory to disinfect the piece of equipment using the products made available by the gym.
  11. Do not share water bottles, cups and bottles. Do not share objects such as towels, bathrobes or other items.
  12. It is forbidden to share a piece of equipment (bar, mat, etc.) with another member.
  13. Come to the gym properly dressed and only change your shoes. Limit stay in changing rooms to as little time as possible. Showers will still be made available, which must be done one at a time respecting safety measures.

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